Want to mail a postcard the old-fashioned way?

Mail delivery, like many other Colombian government services, has been privatized. You can mail letters and postcards from the 4/72 office at 12-83 Carrera 8.

You can also mail things from the postcard/handicrafts shop on Ave. Jimenez on the west side of the Olimpica Supermarket.

Don’t forget your wallet – mailing from Colombia is quite expensive.

Get your Hair cut

For a fun and fancy cut, check out La Peluqueria on Carrera 3 and 15th St. It’s an artsy place, which doubles as a cafe and used clothing store and triples as a club some nights.

For a blue-collar cut, there’s a barber shop on Carrera Septima beside 13th adn 14th streets, beside the El Rodeo hamburger joint.

Need a Dentist?

Amanda Tocua – Amanda owns the Aventureros Hostal on Carrera 3, between 14th and 15th Sts., and her office is one door south.

Cra. 3 No. 14-66

Tel: 337-6021

Cel: 320-340-2951 or 315-448-2393.

Bibiana –  Bibiana describes herself as fully qualified and English speaking, but we have no first-hand knowledge of her work.

Calle 27 Sur No. 29-70 Of. 201

Cel: 310-816-9413


There are lots of ATM machines near the intersection of Carrera 7 and Jimenez Ave. Perhaps the best is the one just south of Libreria Panamericana, on the corner on the other side of the pedestrian way. The machines seem to accept all cards, and they’re inside an office with a security guard.

You’ll also find several Money Exchange places along Jimenez just east of the Museo de Oro Transmilenio Station. Some banks also do change money. You’ll also find people on the street changing currencies, but be cautious! There is lots of counterfeit money around.