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We offer tours through the historic La Candelaria neighborhood

and the rest of Bogotá.

Discover the colorful history and culture of La Candelaria, with its theatres and nightlife, taste tropical fruits, cruise through Bogotá’s many parks, witness its surprising urban renewal and get to know some of the people and colorful neighborhoods of Colombia’s capital. Or learn how the nation’s drug-fueled civil war has impacted Bogotá and the Colombian people.

The best way to enjoy these experiences and see Bogotá and its people up close is by bicycle! Tours start every day at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. from our shop at Carrera 3 No. 12-72, in La Candelaria. Tel: 281-9924 Cel: 312-502-0554.

Our tours vary with riders’ interests and abilities. Duration also varies, but is usually three to five hours. Places we often pass or visit include the Plaza del Chorro, the Botero Museum and the National MuseumPlaza Bolívar, Plaza San Victorino, Parque del Renacimiento with its Botero Sculpture; Bogotá’s Central Cemetery, the fruit markets of Palo Quemao and the Egipto neighborhood; The Cafe de la Fonda coffee factory; the Londonesque La Merced neighborhood; Third Milenium Park and its Disarmament Sculpture; the Gabriel Garcia Marquez Cultural Center, the National University with its Che Guevara Plaza; Independence, National and Símon Bolívar parks; the Bullfighting Stadium, the Train of the Savannah, the Plaza de Lourdes and many others. On our tours, we also talk about human rights and Colombia’s troubled and often violenthistory and present. Generally, you’ll also see some great graffiti on our tours.

Tours leave our shop on Carrera 3, No. 12-72, in La Candelaria, every day at 10:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. (Please arrive a half hour early to choose your bike.) Tours cost 40.000 pesos/person, including the bicycle.


Give us a call at

(57) 1 -281-9924

Cel: (57) 312-502-0554 (Mike)

Carrera 3, No. 12-72, La Candelaria


Check out or download our maps of the La Candelaria neighborhood and of Bogotá.

We can also arrange custom graffiti tours or Colombian food tours.

Or ride North Bogota, with its broad streets, lighter traffic and separated bike lanes. (Be sure to reserve this tour a few days in advance.)

Want a free bike tour?

Have an old but functioning laptop computer in the back of the closet? Bring down an old but working laptop to donate to a Bogotá organization helping poor children, and your tour is free!

Night Tours

We also do Night Tours on request. Not all, however, are guided by four-footed friend Parchita, the durable dog.


Or, Rent a Mountain Bike or Beach Cruiser and Ride on Your Own:

We rent bikes for 9.000 pesos per hour, 50,000 pesos for 8 hours.

Helmet, lock, map and spare tube included free with every bike rental!


We have children’s bikes and also a baby seat which can be fitted to some of our bikes. If you want to use the baby seat, please make arrangements in advance.

Private Tours

Passionate about food? Interested in arquitecture? Are you loco for street art? High on history? We’ll be happy to arrange a private tour tailored to your pace, interests and schedule.

 Write us and we’ll work with you to plan your custom tour at an affordable price.

Graffiti/Street Art Tours

Love street art? Whether it’s political or just pure art, Bogotá’s walls are a great outdoor canvas. We’ll take you pedaling off the beaten path to cruise some of Bogotá’s little-known streets and alleys to see the city’s wonderful, opinionated street murals. We can arrange a private bike tour guided by a bilingual local graffiti artist, who’ll explain to you the culture and philosophy behind the city’s street art.

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