Colombian cooking may not be world-famous, but it is delicious and varied and a great way to get to know the country’s people and culture!Bogotá Bike Tours can arrange a cooking class for you, in which you’ll learn to prepare dishes such as bandeja paisa, sancocho and ajiaco.

Let us know your interests and availability and we’ll arrange a class that’s fun and convenient for you. Shop with Doña Elsa in the traditional neighborhood mercados and then prepare a meal with her in her home in La Candelaria. Or, learn with a professional cook in the beautiful and historic Casa de Citas restaurant in the heart of the La Candelaria neighborhood.We can also arrange for the help of a friendly translator, like Sussan. And, we can also combine the cooking class with a custom bike or walking tour to sites such as a traditional fruit market, a coffee factory and some of Bogotá’s outstanding restaurants.

Chicken sancocho.

The bandeja paisa is ready!